Guidelines: Constitution

Constitution Preamble

Founded in September 2001, The Seaway Winds is a non-profit concert Band based in Cornwall Ontario. We are a diverse group of people from the rural areas of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry counties, the greater Cornwall area, and beyond. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for amateur musicians who wish to continue developing their music skills, as well as and provide an aesthetic listening experience for the community at large. Members are expected to participate in rehearsals and performances of the Seaway Winds, as well as in the day-to-day running of the organization.

Members receive no remuneration for their participation, which is entirely voluntary. All incomes are used to benefit the Band - promote concerts, purchase music and music-related items, etc.
1. REGULAR - except when otherwise decided by the members, the Band shall meet on a regular weekly basis during the months of September to June. Meetings during the months of July and August will be held as required. The purpose of these regular meetings is for Band rehearsal.
2. GENERAL MEETINGS - the Band shall hold an Annual General Meeting for the election of the Executive and for reviewing past activities as well as future plans. This meeting shall be held by May 31st of each year. Special General Meetings may be called for at any time by the executive, and/or by agreement of at least 1/3 of Band members.
3. PERFORMANCES - the Band will perform periodically throughout the year.
4. EXECUTIVE MEETINGS - shall be held as required.
5. QUORUM – one-third of current and active members shall constitute a quorum for general meetings, 3 members of the Executive shall constitute a quorum for Executive meetings.
1. THE EXECUTIVE of the Band shall be as follows, and chosen by the Band members at an Annual or Special General Meeting:
President, Immediate Past President, Vice President,  Secretary Treasurer, Band Director

2. TERM OF OFFICE -The Executive shall hold office for one year - except for the Band Director, who shall continue until such time as s/he resigns or is terminated by the Executive with the approval of the membership.


1. PRESIDENT: The President shall chair all meetings and conduct the affairs of the Band through various ad-hoc committees. The President shall be a signing officer.
2. IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: The Immediate Past President will be available for consultation and meetings as needed.
3. VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall act for the President in his/her absence. In addition, the Vice President shall be responsible for publicity, advertising, making use of free public media, and ticket sales for concerts. Prior approval shall be obtained from the Executive if any costs are involved. The Vice President shall be a signing officer.
4. SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and record decisions of the Band, as well as handle all correspondence. The Secretary shall be a signing officer.
5. TREASURER: The Treasurer will keep a record of all receipts of moneys, pay all bills and provide statements as required. The Treasurer shall be a signing officer.
6. BAND DIRECTOR: The Band Director shall select all music, choose the programme, rehearse and conduct the Band. The Band Director shall be a signing officer. Associate Directors may be appointed by the Executive upon recommendation by the Director. One of these shall be designated by the Director to sit on the Executive in case of his/her absence.
LIMITATIONS OF DUTIES: The Executive shall not, in the performance of their duties, either individually or collectively, incur debts beyond the capability of the current financial resources of the Band to manage. In any case, no debt shall be incurred without the approval of the members.


1. The Executive may assess a fee, on an annual basis, from the members of the Band – payable within thirty days from the date of assessment. This fee is to be used in the day-to-day operating expenses of the Band throughout the year.
2. The amount of the fee shall be proposed by the Executive and approved by the members at an Annual or Special General Meeting.
1. NOMINATIONS: The Executive shall call for nominations one week prior to the Annual General Meeting. Members wishing to stand for election to any position on the Executive may do so by having a band member verbally nominate them at this time.
2. VOTING: Band members must be present to vote.
1. AUDITOR: an Auditor shall be appointed by the Executive to review the accounts and records of the Band. The report of the Auditor shall be given in writing at the Annual General Meeting.
2. These Bylaws are primarily intended to be guidelines for the orderly conduct of the Band. Any amendments or additions shall be by a quorum vote of the members, due notice of the motion having been previously given.
3. The Band Director, or anyone else, may be given an honorarium for his/her services, which shall be determined by the Executive according to the availability of funds.
4. Music remains the custody of the Band, and members are responsible for any damage or loss of music loaned to them.
5. Band members are expected to provide their own instrument. Also, members must provide their own music stand, and purchase a Seaway Winds band-shirt for use during concerts.


Amended and dated August 15, 2005 at Cornwall Ontario.

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Band Director
1. A Petty Cash Fund of $50.00 is to be established for the use of the Treasurer in the day-to-day operating expenses during the course of the year. All receipts are to be kept and a record of expenses shall be readily available, if requested by the executive and/or the membership at any time. If further funds are required, the Treasurer will bring this request to the membership for their approval.

2. The Executive may ask a Band Member to leave the Band for conduct considered to be contrary to the best interests of the Band.